Patient Stories

Scott's Story - Total Shoulder Replacement

Karen, Active Gym-Goer - Rotator Cuff Repair

Linda, Tennis Player - Acl and Meniscus Repair

Mike, Surfer - Right Quadriceps Tendon Repair

Starr, Professional Fisherwoman - Rotator Cuff

Kelly, CrossFit Athlete - Rotator Cuff

randy parks - parks autogroup florida

Randy Parks

"Had NO idea my "debilitated" shoulder, of over 40 years, could serve me so well again on the golf course and in the workout room, post a total replacement. All the credit goes to Dr. O'Grady and his Team! Thanks Doc."

W. Luther Taylor

W. Luther Taylor

"Being competitive with my golfing buddies was very important to me. After the total shoulder replacement provided by Dr. O'Grady, my game was even better than expected. Thanks for keeping me in the Game."

General Willaim L. Nyland

General Nyland

"Dr. O'Grady, I am running, biking and golfing again. Life couldn't be better, thanks to your help."

O'Grady Orthopaedics Testimonial - Brendalee


"Dr. O'Grady replaced both my knees in 2015. He and his team are truly committed to providing the best care and service to their patients. I was treated with outstanding professionalism and competency as well as genuine compassion and concern throughout the whole experience. My knees have been restored along with a robust quality of life thanks to Dr. O'Grady and his awesome team!"



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