Sports Medicine

Dr. O'Grady provides excellent care for all shoulder and knee sports injuries - from fractures to full ACL and shoulder reconstructions all done arthroscopically. Dr. O'Grady offers the same level of care for athletes of all ages and skill levels - from professionals to weekend warriors to high school athletes.  Dr. O'Grady is specialized in getting you the correct care with a recovery focused approach.

Common Sports Injuries

Some of the most common sports injuries we treat include:

When To Call a Doctor

If you are experiencing discomfort, stop the activity immediately. Being active while you’re in pain will only cause additional harm. Many injuries can be treated non-surgically when properly diagnosed by an Orthopaedic surgeon early.  Schedule a consultation when:

  • You are in severe pain
  • A new or recurring injury causes swelling or numbness
  • You are unable to put weight on the injured joint or bone
  • The injured area feels unstable



Dr. O'Grady's Guide to Common Knee Injuries

This free guide was created to educate and inform about the most common knee injuries that occur.

Fitness woman doing bodyweight glute single leg floor bridge lift exercises. Fit Asian woman exercising glutes muscles with one-legged floor bridge butt raise during summer in outdoor gym on grass.

Physical Therapy Videos

Dr. O'Grady has put together an extensive library of exercises for common injuries when working out.